I was born in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. At the age of 14 I moved to St. Petersburg that I still consider to be my home despite of constant trips.

In 2013 I decided to dedicate myself to the study of the world and human. Before that I was a leading top-manager of a building company.

I am a sunny muse, inspirer, traveler with experience, researcher and discoverer.

A volunteer of animal preservation programs in Africa, member of “Golden Panda” club and WWF Worldwide Wild Nature Fund in Russia.

Practicing qigong, tai chi, svarga, Dzogchen in Bon tradition. Fruitarian.

Cofounder of the “Perfect Person” project.

Author of “Pythiam Delphis Amore” blogs, “Love of Delphic Pythia” and “Travelling With Purpose” journals.

Muse of  spiritual practicing, breatharian Dmitry Lapshinov.

In love with life.


Описание изображения

From the global view, without any particularizes, people use 4 ways to learn the world and find a place in it: Religion, hermeticism, different types of shamanism or magic and science. I follow all directions at once. There is something rationality in everything and only in that way one can speak about relative objectivity.

90 percent of my ratio are fruit. The remaining 10 percent is everything except meat. If I want something, I will never make myself suffer and eat something proper that will be nearby. Life is a constant satisfaction and lack of limits. For those who think that fruit and raw food eating and other unusual ways of eating are diets and limits, I would like to explain that there is no way to go backwards in eating, as it is in other ways of growing. You just simply cannot pollute yourself with plastic food anymore. Drinking from the swamp, for instance. You do it just because there is no other option, but how are going you feel doing that?

I am still not used to people who seriously consider that if one achieves some goals in any practice, than one owes everybody else.

There are no miracles. When they overflow, it becomes commonness. Miraculous, commonness though.

I am never tired of being grateful. Just never.

A teacher is a person who points with his finger towards the moon. Someone will see a finger, someone will focus on the direction, but someone will get the meaning. What can you see, watching?

If human chose to suffer, one would never take that right away as well as a person who decided to be happy in opposition. Any understanding should always be started with clarifying the motivation question.

The success secret lies in the lack of fear. Being not able to make something, one should seek fears and blocks and without any hesitation and demur get rid of them as soon as possible.

I am astounded by my man. I don’t understand how to be perfection and a man at the same time.

Investment is an important aspect for a practicing. It is much easier and more effective to study oneself and outer world having a constant high rate of passive assets.

Happiness is in the acknowledgement of reality, in ability to see meaning beyond the shape.

Travelling is like breathing. There are some creatures that need not only oxygen, but a tremendous amount of experience as well.

The meaning of life is in learning unlimited by frames and concepts.

The best what a parent can do for his child is to create passion of reading in him. That skill will open unlimited abilities of educating, studying world and himself. Mom, you are the best.

I am jealous to polar inhabitants. Poles’ energy can be compared to staying in the clean conscience of planet. That kind of state of natural mind of Earth is a lack of thoughts and concepts. It is a place where one does not need to practice anything in order to get enlightened. Thus, polar inhabitants are probably the most enlightened people.

A woman should inspire everyone and everything just with her existence. Being a muse, inspiring, looking for the meaning is a mission of her. And inspiring is what I am very proud of.

It is fancy to talk about consciousness today. I would say that I see only an ability to be in accord with oneself in every living moment in it. Other philosophical thoughts are just consequences of it.

Volunteering is necessary. It nurtures, strengthens, toughens up, adds more responsibility, opening heart and teaching to be compassionate. One can help people, animals, nature and history. Ask me and I will tell you that you should go to Africa. Just try to be a world ambassador once in a life. I swear, you will never be the same anymore. You will no have any limits from then.

Imitation is a required step of every maturing and seeking person. The secret is in choosing proper idols

My biggest persuasion is that human abilities are unlimited.

I like scientists, investigators, enthusiasts, people who are dedicated to their craft. For instance, when a person gets astonished by excrements of a rare bird, first you look at with distrust - is he serious? And then you get involved. Only seekers and scientists are able to be truly happy like children.

Everyone needs a muse. Even a muse needs a muse. Not a mythological one that comes and leaves whenever she wants to, but the realest, warmest one that lets you to sleep on her shoulder.

Forgiving is excessively important. It should be embedded in human as an instinct. Because it is extremely important in surviving and developing quality of life.

There are so many adventures in my life that I don’t even understand how this all can find space in me. And there are so many opportunities before me. I am always interested in creating future.

The most important thing in life is not to be afraid of yourself.  And to improve yourself daily.

Ekaterine Shustkhem.