Описание изображения

Love of Delphic Pythia. A Journal. From the archive.

There is a beautiful, lucid hiding flower of eternal love inside of every one of us. Failing once in this life or past ones, in the childhood or in the adulthood, in еру relationship we hide our souls as deep as we can. We box ourselves in a thick bunker on a fundament of false expectations, fears and complications.

Publicizing my personal archive I wish to inspire people to open themselves, to take off those shells, armors and get out of those boxes of emotional self-prisoning. Your closest people have been waiting you for a while! I am pretty sure you all have to say something to the outer world from the depths of your souls. Show your emotions! There is so much warmth, light, tenderness and love in everyone of us!

Be opened! Fulfill yourself! Exist with only keen feelings.

Get inspired and create your own customs, legends and history.

And let it be beautiful!


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