Описание изображения

The following paragraph is about unconventional travelling, that contribute in world and self-learning.

My fervor of learning has already taken me to lots of wild and modern, populous and underpopulated, created by nature and created by human areas from eternal Arctic ices to Papua New Guinean tribes.

Eventually, my experiments have inspired many people. And now I am ready to share my findings and passion not with friends only, but also with those who is keenly interested in the world, with one who develops oneself inner and outer, with one who desires to approach every goal and height.

I am not a backpacker and not ready to give instruction of how to travel around the world for free, but I am capable of giving advice of travelling interesting and with a purpose.

What kind of information you may find here?

  • stories of interesting places where you have already been;

  • stories of places where you would like to go;

  • photos and videos about beauty and diversity of our planet;

  • advice for travelers;

  • but the most important fact is that the inspiration lives here!                                                                                                                                                                                                    Read stories in Facebook...